It’s a BERRY good time of year!!

I am falling in love with summer this year.  The sun.  Being outside.  Sprinkler cool downs.  Summer fashion.  Bright colors.  Sunless tanner.  Farmers markets.  Fresh produce. Berry season.  You can’t help but be happy while in the sun’s warm illumination!  It has me rethinking that I could live in a place that has more sunny days than not.


At the farmers markets berries are popping up everywhere.  My family and I finally made it to our favorite farmers market this last weekend.  We picked up one flat of berries and then my husband on Sunday hit up another farmers market and bought two more flats.  So being knee high in berries it was time to get to baking!  I made a berry crisp for dessert on Saturday and per my husbands request a blackberry pie on Monday.  Although the blackberries were a bit tart….looking forward to the blackberries August brings.  Hoping they are a bit sweeter.


Here is the recipe I used for the pie crust and here is the recipe I used for the blackberry pie filling.  I added my own touch to the filling by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon and teaspoon of vanilla extract.  Then I did the milk wash to the top of the pie and sprinkled the top of the pie with cinnamon and sugar.

Does making pie crust make you nervous?  You know my secret….don’t let it!  Whenever I get nervous about my pie crust turning out…it never does.   When I confidently roll out my pie crust and put it together it turns out just fine!   And more good news is pies are supposed to look rustic and homemade so the imperfection is actually perfection for a pie.

On the topic of berries,  especially blackberries.  I adore their purple hue.  Purple is one of those colors that compliments everyone.  Here is berry season inspired summer look.   Mary Kay offers some gorgeous purples in their make-up palette.    The necklace from BaubleBar adds a little edginess to this otherwise sweet outfit.  {Bold Berry BlushMystic Plum,  On the horizon}

448128a222c2e63713fd20c61387340f Wishing you a “Berry Sweet” summer!

Shine ON,




The Unexpected

out of the blue
Poor Monday is viewed as the worst day of the week by most. Good bye weekend…oh, you again Monday.  I think Monday is actually kind of cool…it represents the start of a new week.  New days ahead. New dreams.  New goals.  New possibilities!
Speaking of new possibilities.  Today, I am thinking about all the good that can come from the unexpected. I always want to plan. Be in control.  Peak around the next corner to see what’s going to happen.   But when I think about life, everything that has come to me in an unexpected fashion have been the biggest blessings in my life.   A gentle, beautiful reminder that I am not in charge and that my prayers are being listened too.  That there is so much I don’t know and because of this unknown it is impossible to direct everything in life.  If I really try to think this way…I rest so much better and enjoy life so much more.  Faith in a bright future, full of lessons and leaning on the fact that it is His plan.
Wishing that something wonderful and unexpected happens to you this week!
Shine On,

Happy First Day Of Summer

Happy first day of SUMMER!!  Don’t forget your SPF when enjoying the sun and you can get an awesome SAFE summer glow with Mary Kay’s sunless tanner.    I am a huge fan of sunless tanner as I can control how deep I want my tan.
This summer I was in desperate need for a new bathing suit.  I debated on getting a one piece or two piece.  Now that I am a mom, I want to make sure my swim wear is somewhat conservative.  I am super happy with my  bathing suit purchase from J. Crew Factory.  This bikini has an athletic cut with good coverage for a two piece. I don’t feel like anything is going to fall out.  I want to be able to play with my kids in the pool  without embarrassing myself!  LOL!
Hope the sun is shinning where you are!
Shine On,

Sparkle and Shine with Metallic

Sparkle and Shine
These pants are what style dreams are made of…classy, a little edgy, the color is one of the hottest at the moment MINT,  and metallic.  I am a sucker for metallic.   If these pants are a little too bold for you, but you are intrigued with metallic. Any easy way to add metallic to your ensemble is with shoes and accessories…and even your make-up!  Copper Glow, Truffle, and Rosegold Mary Kay eye shadows compliment all skin tones and eye colors.   I would wear this outfit on a datenight,  even to a night time wedding if you wanted to change things up a bit and not wear a dress, or switch out the earrings for pearls and  wear just the lipstick,  and it’s good for a professional dress work environment.   When  I wear an outfit that is put together like this…it gives me extra confidence and adds some pep to my step!  Wishing you a wonderful and stylish weekend!
Shine On,